17 Nov


Hey, everyone. Well, hey to every human anyway—most of our visitors are spambots, but I reckon it’s safe to assume that you’re a human!

But that’s not important. This is what’s important:

Spoonhammer is going on hiatus.

To be honest, this isn’t really a change to what’s already happening. You may have noticed that the last update to the Spoonhammer blog was nineteen weeks ago. That’s not to say that nothing has happened in the intervening time—in fact, some work has been done on the script—but I haven’t been able to spend as much time on it as I should have done, and the rest of the team has been busy. Education is time-consuming!

We’ll be back at some point though! I hesitate to give a specific date, since arbitrarily choosing any return date would probably end up as little more than choosing a date for an embarrassing blog post saying “Well, I guess it’s not today after all".

Summary: Spoonhammer is not gone. I, for one, still intend to work on it. It’ll just be… absent for a while. Like that thing you had when you were young, and almost forgot about, until one day it turns up and you wonder why on earth it was in that drawer.

Or, uh, something like that.

– Rob

EDIT: Speaking of spambots, I’ve disabled comments on the Gleebleblog for now. Moderating spam comments was becoming too much of a chore, considering that Spoonhammer is supposed to be on hiatus!

07 Jul

Today’s post will be shorter than usual, because not much has happened yet.

In fact, the next few posts are likely to be fairly short, because working on the script isn’t exactly conducive to long interesting updates. I could of course describe everything new that was added to the script, but that would be stupid, because:

  1. Spoilers
  3. Updates would become dull and rambling.

Executive summary of recent events: I’ve been working on getting back into the swing of scriptwriting to try to finish the script soon. I immediately noticed that the fresh perspective gained from taking a break from this has helped reveal previously hidden flaws in the current half-finished draft of the script. The main one of these is the characters’ lack of depth – for example, the protagonist Fred is incredibly boring, and most of the others fit into little hexagonal pigeonholes like “the annoying one", “the clever one” and, worst of all, “the quiet one whom I clearly described as quiet in order to avoid having to write more dialogue".

I suspect the best thing here may be to flesh out and get to know the characters in the script before trying to write much more of it. Does anyone have any suggestions about this?

EDIT: Since nothing interesting is happening to Spoonhammer at the moment, there will be no more posts for a while. Sorry about this.

02 Jun

So, here’s that video as promised – only a week late! There’s a small reward for your patience though: the video is available in 720p HD. Or at least it should be. If it doesn’t work here, try playing it on YouTube.

Without further ado, here’s the video:

There are still some issues with the animation, and I’m sorry about the strange flickery lighting - the “global illumination sample count” was too low. As always, other comments and criticism are welcome!

In other news: as I’ve been continuously ranting about for the past couple of weeks, it’s exam season here. Unfortunately, this means that the next four scheduled Wednesday blog updates will have to be cancelled, and the next one will be on Wednesday 7th July.

We’re sorry to disappoint anyone who might be disappointed by this, but anyone who’s ever done big final exams knows that trying to work on a complex film project and study for tests at the same time would be… difficult.

26 May

This was originally going to be the last of the current series of posts about Kulwux and its habit of exploding occasionally. However, I made a foolish decision to render the next early-draft clip at a higher resolution, and each frame is taking about twelve minutes to render, so the animation isn’t done yet.

In the meantime, here’s a still from about halfway through (click for 1200px×675px version):

image: Kulwux exploding, yet again

Upon closer examination of the half-finished animation, I realised that it has a few problems:

  • The bits of rock aren’t moving quite right
  • The colours still aren’t particularly great
  • Everything breaks cleanly into large chunks with no smaller debris

As always, we invite you to give any feedback, comments or criticism via the form below.

Thanks to the slow render speeds, this is going to be the penultimate entry in the series, with the finished test animation appearing next week. After that there will probably be ominous silence for a couple of weeks until the Exams have swept past, and then another mini-series on animating three of the characters.