19 May

The fun things about posts like this is that they don’t really need that much work: copy-pasting about forty lines of code from the Kulwux test scene into the exploding sphere test animation resulted in this:

It’s not great, of course: I’m not happy with the colours, and of course the explosion effect is not at all realistic. Also, I only noticed after rendering that the broken pieces of Kulwuxian crust are moving in the same parabolae that the bits of broken plaster sphere were moving in. In space, of course, it would not happen like this at all.

But other than everything being completely wrong, the animation seems to have turned out okay (for a test, that is). Criticism is, as always, welcome.

12 May

A Moon

This week’s feature: Kulwux. (click thumbnails to enlarge)

image:  Kulwux lit from front image:  Kulwux lit from side image: crescent Kulwux lit from side

Kulwux is the satellite of the mannequins’ planet - it’s mostly similar to Earth’s moon, but has a more colourful crust. What you see above is just a test of its appearance, and criticism is of course very welcome. At some point the terrain should be modified to use actual craters instead of random ridging.

image: closeup of Kulwux's surface 

Although it isn’t a planet, I will still attempt to claim that Spoonhammer’s website now contains all of what was on the misleading banner of two weeks ago.

Wait no that said mobile planets.

image: Silly rendition of mobile planet


Happy now, conscience?

Note: the next eight blog entries will probably be late. The Exams are upon us, so only one person on the team is insane enough to consider working on Spoonhammer in the background. (he’d also like to be able spend time with his girlfriend at some point during this time - this is a valid excuse because she’s pretty awesome. also family and stuff)

My sincere apologies to all zero regular readers of the Gleebleblog.

05 May

Nothing much to report this week: due to continuing academic pressure, all that has been done is an improved version of the exploding sphere animation.

I was right about the slow render speeds: thanks to the complexity of POV-ray’s ‘isosurface’ shape, each frame took about three minutes to render. For the particularly nerdy types among you, it was originally rendered at 720×405 on a quad-core processor, and once again the quality was reduced by YouTube’s encoding.

At some point I should freshen the gallery by adding stills from this test to it. Not now though.

(It is likely that the next nine posts in this blog will be about as short as this one, as those of us who have exams won’t them until the 30th of June.)

28 Apr

(small post today, as Rob has exams and stuff)

With another Exam Season approaching, there is little time to fix any Spoonhammer-related problems that appear. However, some are relatively easy to repair, such as this one:

Image: a really terrible attempt at an advertising banner.

Background: just for the fun of it, I was playing with Project Wonderful again, and set the banner above to run on sites which were sci-fi related. Someone actually clicked through, which technically makes the CPC of this endeavour $0, and is also more of a success than the last attempt.

But I digress. The problem in this case is not to do with the fact that a banner consisting of a sentence from Finnegans Wake and a photo of a cheese grater would be more effective advertising than that thing, nor does it have anything to do with the lack of explosions or mobile planets here so far.

Oh wait yes it does.

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