22 Nov

Firstly, a small apology to anyone who arrived via one of those Project Wonderful test adverts: it suddenly occurred to me that neither this blog nor the Spoonhammer website actually feature any explosions or spaceships yet. We do have puns and cutlery, though. :)

Anyway, to business. Things are progressing slowly as usual, mostly thanks to school and UCAS. However, to whet everyone’s insatiable appetite for pictures, here’s a work-in-progress render of two characters (click to magnify):

Podgey and Annoying

Yes, they are just flying faces. The yellow one with glasses is Annoying, and the blue one will be Podgey once I’ve given it eyes and teeth. Yes, those are actually their (strangely fitting) names.

Also, if anyone’s wondering, this is the background image. For some reason these dudes are floating around in the Uffizi Gallery (as far as I know this is a fair use for that image, but I could be wrong).

Any comments and feedback are of course much appreciated. :D

08 Nov

Good News: the preview of the Spoonhammer website is up! Most of the text is just a placeholder: it’s the travesty from the last blog entry.

The Bad News, of course, is that there isn’t any actual content there yet, and that the versions for mobile browsers and ancient browsers haven’t been made yet. And by “ancient browsers”, I mean Internet Explorer 6.

Specifically, in a a good browser, it looks something like this:

Appearance in Firefox

If it looks like this to you:

broken by IE6

then you’ll have to wait for a bit. Sorry.

The text colour can also be changed to black on a white background; it would be good to hear everyone’s opinions on this. In fact, feedback about any part of the design would be much appreciated. Comment here or use the poll on the right. :D

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25 Oct

In lieu of doing any productive work, I decided to feed the current draft of the Spoonhammer script into a tag cloud generator and something called a travesty generator.

Mild hilarity ensued.

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04 Oct

Alternative title: Graphics Tablets Aren’t Much Good if You Can’t Actually Draw On Paper, or This Is Why Rob Isn’t Doing Much of the Concept Art

I was playing with ideas for the Colm flag and colours. This is the silly thing that resulted:

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