12 Sep

Time for a small status update. Executive summary:

  • Minor changes and updates to the Gleebleblog – the difference isn’t really noticeable, but it’s there.
  • Real website is slowly getting there: we’re just working on getting it to display properly in Internet Explorer (Is anyone surprised? :>>)
  • Also, we’ve added a little ShareThis thing at the bottom of each post. It could be useful.

And here’s a little video. Just to be obnoxious, it’s after this break.

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30 Aug

Here's a quick snippet of the script. As you can see, Spoonhammer will contain a lot of in-jokes: in this case, "SHIFT, ALPHA, 0, 0" is the code used to clear the memory of a certain model of calculator (bonus points to anyone who remembers what the actual model is) that one of our team members once used.

Also note that Agrahm's subordinates are often somewhat incompetent. He tends to be annoyed by this.

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05 Aug



What is it?

Well, once it's finished, it will be a 3D animated film. Most of the main characters will be wooden mannequins, which live on a peaceful planet, long-isolated from the perils of the big wide multiverse.

One of our protagonists finds himself in possession of an ancient and very dangerous object called The Sword. With impeccable timing, the Colm (a planetful of ruthless transuniversal brigands) show up and try to steal it.

So, of course, our heroes have to go on the obligatory Quest to keep the MacGuffin The Sword away from the Colm, and to take it to the mysterious fortress of Zennhch Bkhachnenn.

There will be explosions and chortles. Probably not simultaneous ones.

P.S.: Don't worry, later blog entries will be somewhat less melodramatic. This one had to be, because the Spoonhammer website is currently stuck in Developmental Hell, or at least HTML Purgatory. And we needed a description of the film somewhere.

P.P.S.: Oh, the new blog name? Don't worry about it. It's a pun, a reference to something not-yet-produced, and an in-joke all at once. Sorry.

27 Jul

and welcome to our blog. More information coming soon. :)