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dave [Visitor]
Thats a brilliant idea - you could do it to whole books and understand what they may be about without having read them!! maybe jane austen and the good ol' classics!!
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I'm glad no badgers were hurt when creating this site!
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Rob [Member]
Tom: Normally you’d have to wait until tomorrow for the scheduled update.

But, since you’re so eager, I’ll upload the video to Youtube a day early. :)

EDIT: the video is here.
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Tom [Visitor]
I wanna see this... NOW!
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Rob [Member]
*tumbleweed blows past RUSTY PROPHET, who is standing on a soapbox in a metaphorical desert*

*a pause*

*Mad Verisign Robot falls out of sky. LOUD CRASH*

*more tumbleweed blows past*


Rusty Prophet's head turns into tumbleweed and blows away.
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LAT [Member]
Yes, we are commenting on our own blog post. Yes, it is because we are incredibly vain and self-obsessed. Also we don't like how nobody's commenting. Comment Ye! Comment! Ahem. Anyway. Um... Hi!
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Z [Visitor]
I think it should be called a Scrippet :)

Also, your font borks zeros.

And I agree with Agrahm: having incompetent subordinates is annoying. :P
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