synopsis, please

As you may have guessed from the title, Spoonhammer prominently features a hammer and a sword.

Oh yeah, there’s a spoon too. And some spacecraft. It’s probably best to start at the beginning though.

The Plot

On the remote world of Wubcuz flourishes a naïve race of mannequins, unaware of the dangers of the multiverse around them. This will change.

At some point there will be images here, to make this page less boring.

When Fred the wooden mannequin finds a spoon, he and his friends agree that it’s nothing special. But after this meeting, they are accosted by an ambassador of the Demon Art Figure, who demands that they hand over an ancient artefact called The Sword.

Luckily, an orchestra crash-lands on his head.

Colin, the pilot of this orchestra, gives the protagonists The Sword. A moment later, the sky fills with enemies: the Colm, a ruthless bunch of trans-universal brigands, have been drawn to Wubcuz by traces of a vast source of energy.

It seems like everyone suddenly wants The Sword.

With the mobile planet of the Colm looming above them and civilisation collapsing around them, our heroes must take The Sword to a desperate last stand at the stronghold of Zennhch Bkhachnenn. Will they succeed?

I see.

That makes perfect sense.

Featuring a full cast of mannequins, axe-wielding maniacs, mysterious hooded figures, musicians, computers and undead Greek mathematicians, Spoonhammer is likely to be... a bit odd.

Page last updated: 12th April 2010