who are these strange people?

The Team

These are the people at the centre of the Spoonhammer project. We manage ourselves with the time-honoured business practice known as “COMPLETE ANARCHY HAHA WOOOOOO”.

Obligatory Mugshot Name or Pseudonym Role(s) Description Misc. Linkage
Rob's Obligatory Mugshot Rob Animation, web design, scriptwriting, laziness Spends most of his time running around in circles like an incompetent buffoon and wondering what to do next. He has a website
and can be contacted by email
James Stuff and things This would be funnier if I know how to do images in Wave properly.

_[ ]_
^ ^

Z Music, casting, bothering you, enslaving innocents... wait, I already mentioned casting Has occasionally been mistaken for human. Enjoys impersonating others, speaking in tongues, and plotting world domination um, relaxing

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