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Travesty (lol>9e+3)

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"... I like the vertical lines, personally ..."
-- The Other Guy

Seventh-Order Travesty

(woooo, placeholder!)

INT. LIVING ROOM - JUST After a pause, he reels up the beach for it! JIM makes calculators... Verstehst du? SHADOWGLASS slams his fist down on “Launch” again. TERMINAL THIRTEEN If you noticed earlier should write this ship splashing “MASSIVE CONCENTRATION OF ENERGY HERE”. AGRAHM That’s not revealing its full powers, and being heroic occasional view of fortress. A little spoon I saw you just happen to have any idea where you still above the other pause. PODGEY and ANNOYING (rather shiftily) Not always a first time for the Demon Art Figure? That’s not as you can’t command. Go wake up the city with. Yes, the Flying Granddad One and Orchestra and Flying Granddad One in pursuit. Flying Granddad One fires three LAVA MINION The really. Thermite! BLANCMANGE shrugs and Colm Doon bridge. AGRAHM Excellent. Just stand a chance of us are trying to do with the building with this kind of the old man. (Remaining troops are running toast) Well, I supposed to look at rocketry needs. SHADOWGLASS -ere. What? EVIL

"Looks like we've accidentally discovered an occupation for one of our characters. Jim is a calculatorsmith. He forges mystic calculators from fulgurite silicon, copper found in the cores of ancient meteorites, and plastic refined from deep veins of plastic ore extracted by small goblin-like creatures."
-- Other Dude being silly again.